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What is Scrip and how does it work?

What is Scrip?  
When you shop with Scrip, you are simply purchasing gift cards for retailers, restaurants, and services both locally and nation-wide. Instead of using cash, checks, or a credit card when you purchase goods or services, you can use your Scrip gift card. The great thing about Scrip is that you can use it for everyday purchases like groceries, gas, prescriptions, gifts, hotel stays, and much more. You won’t be spending any more money than you already do. You will be helping to raise funds to support St. John's Lutheran Ministries. If you have a student attending St. John's Lutheran School, you will receive a portion of the rebate to use towards tuition or your student's lunch account.

How does it work?
The Scrip program allows St. John's Ministries to purchase gift cards at a discount. The Scrip retailers offer discounts varying from 2% to 20%. St. John's congregation members and school families buy Scrip from St. John's church office, online, or via the Scrip app for face value and, St. John's Ministries receives the benefit of the profit. For example, Festival Foods cards are available at a 3% discount. When you purchase a gift card for $100, the ministries receives $3. If you have a student at the school, half of the rebate goes directly into your account and can be used towards your student's tuition or lunch account. While it doesn’t seem like much by itself, just one family purchasing $100 worth of Festival Foods gift cards for your groceries each week for a year, generates $156 for our ministries. 

How do you purchase Scrip?
Scrip has hundreds of participating retailers. Click here for the full list. There are three ways to purchase Scrip.

  1. St. John's church office has some of the most popular retailers available in stock for immediate pickup during regular business hours. Click here for the list of in-stock cards. 
  2. Visit the Scrip website, You can order scrip cards online by noon on Tuesdays and they will be available for pick on by noon on Thursdays in the church office during normal business hours.  If you have a student at St. John's School, we can send the cards home with your student. E-Cards are also available. 
  3. Download the Scrip App, RaiseRight, to your smartphone. You can download cards directly to your phone. Click here for an informational video about the Scrip app, RaiseRight.

Click here for enrollment code and step by step instructions on how to register for the Scrip program.

Check out some information videos about the scrip program.

  • Click here for information on ScripNow and ecards.  



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