About St. John's Lutheran School

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     St. John’s Lutheran School exists to prepare children for a life of faith and service to Jesus Christ by supporting families in the academic, social, and emotional development of their children. We value every child as a gift from God and we teach that every life, at every stage of development, is precious. It is our goal to make our world a better place for all people by energizing every person we touch to be an active witness for Christ and a servant to others. 

     Students at St. John’s Lutheran School are taught by dedicated, Lutheran-Trained, and State-Certified teachers. We participate in a variety of academic assessments in all subject areas to ensure the continued development and progress or every single child.

     Our school is fully accredited with the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) program and participates in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.

Curricular Content

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